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ValoTec originates from the Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay and specialises in the development of active medical devices.

ValoTec works with the clients to develop and transform innovative medical devices (connected glucose measurement patch, in vivo diagnostic devices, neural implants, digital therapeutic software…) into a product available on the market.


ValoTec’s experience enables us to respond to the challenges of the active medical device industry:

  • complying with increasingly complex and restrictive regulatory frameworks,
  • increasing cost pressure from healthcare insurers,
  • engaging patients in their disease management,
  • ensuring all patients have access to the best treatment available,
  • integrating numerous complex technologies to ensure seamless user interaction.


In this context, ValoTec offers a unique combination of skills to carry out its projects:

  1. Stemming from the world of research, ValoTec relies on its teams and a network of partner laboratories to provide the best technological solutions (sensors, electronics, optics, thermals, software, data analysis…). These solutions are integrated into prototypes and later pre-production models for the needed evaluations.
  2. Certified ISO13485 since 2012, ValoTec supports its clients in the regulatory approval process for their devices (CE, FDA). ValoTec has a proven expertise in the performance and safety aspects of medical device regulations.
  3. The ongoing integration of Futurs Health Products will allow ValoTec to support its clients on their regulatory, clinical and “Market Access” strategies. Considering the device requirements, its clinical performance, and its clinical and/or medico-economic benefits, in the early phases of a project, allows ValoTec to optimise the device development cost and time to market.


To successfully deliver projects, ValoTec centres its approach on:

  • The user experience: ValoTec interacts directly with clinicians, patients, patient associations… to support the collection and analysis of user needs, user tests and clinical studies for its clients.
  • Access to technical excellence: to stay on the cutting edge of technology, ValoTec contributes to various French and European collaborative research projects (PSPC, ANR, H2020, FEDER…) and maintains collaborations with centres of technical excellence.
  • Access to clinical excellence: to develop the best medical devices, ValoTec works with various centres of clinical excellence including France, Switzerland, Canada and England.


To ensure the international roll-out of our clients’ medical devices, ValoTec is extending its skills beyond the European market. A subsidiary for the North American market has been in operation since July 2019 and we will establish other subsidiaries in England and Singapore in 2020 and 2021 respectively. 


ValoTec is approved for Crédit Impôt Recherche (CIR) and Crédit Impôt Innovation (CII) tax credits for research in France

Since June 2012, ValoTec is certified, ISO 9001 (technical devices) and ISO 13485 (medical devices) for consulting, development, manufacturing, and distribution.






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