Value Proposition

Developing and producing an innovative device is a complex equation involving a wide range of expertise

Properly leveraging the various competencies relevant to the project is a key success factor

Beyond its strong expertise in technology development, ValoTec can bring expertise in strategy, industrialization and regulatory affairs. This unique skills combination allows ValoTec to offer a global innovation management approach answering to the main challenges related to the development of a new device.




Industrialization & Marking


R&D Strategy
Budget, Planning, RACI

Multidisciplinary realization

Industrial Transfer
CE / FDA support

Production séries
Hardware & software Support


Our strengths

Technical, Regulatory & Industrial Expertise
Custom & flexible project plan
Integrated management
To align technology with project constraints

Your benefits

Risk mitigation : Tech, Reg & Indus
R&D budget planning & follow up
Up to 40 % cost reduction
Go to Market acceleration
Pass key stages